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As children lose teeth and replace those with adult teeth sometimes teeth can get stuck or trapped. The most common tooth to need help is the canine, but sometimes the premolars or the front teeth can be involved. Your orthodontist will refer you to one of our doctors to help mobilize this trapped tooth in conjunction with braces. We use the latest three-dimensional technology to locate the hidden tooth to help lessen the operating time. There are a variety of methods that can be used from the simple window technique to a chain can be cemented to the hidden tooth so that it can be pulled into the mouth. Sometime a temporary anchor screw might guide the tooth into position. We are ready to use any technique that your orthodontist might need.

Impacted Canines

Why Did My Dentist Refer Me to a Surgeon to Have My Tooth Removed?
Extractions become necessary for various reasons. The tooth might have severe decay, a crack or periodontal disease (gum disease). Some teeth need to be pulled because they are impacted or crowded, and will eventually cause damage to the surrounding teeth. Many general dentists perform extractions but when they are challenging dentists often refer to an oral surgeon who specializes in the removal of teeth. Complex medical issues can also be accommodated by an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons can offer IV sedation and general anesthesia as an option for comfort during your extraction.

If you choose to not be sedated or are not a candidate for sedation, local anesthesia can be used to freeze the tooth much like your general dentist does when performing a filling or a crown. Prior to starting the procedure, we will test the area for proper anesthesia. The sensation you will experience is pushing or feeling of pressure. The tooth might be removed in simple fashion with forceps as it is rocked gently out of the socket. If the tooth is cracked or has severe decay it might need to be removed in pieces. This process is called sectioning. A drill is used to separate the tooth into sections and it is lifted out in 2-3 small pieces. Not all extraction sites need stitches. If you do, oral surgeons use sutures that dissolve in about a week.


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