Hybrid Implant Dentures

A permanent set of teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

How can Dental Implants work to replace all my teeth?

Living without teeth is an unfortunate consequence of dental disease. Thankfully there are safe and effective treatments for loss of teeth.  

There are many well-described solutions for a full arch implant restoration. This is typically called Dental Hybrid Surgery. This is a fixed permanent smile on five to six implants.  There are many commercially available names for this solution including Teeth in a Day (TM), Teeth Xpress (TM), All-on-4 (TM), ProArch (TM).  

When you need to replace all your teeth on one jaw or both dental implants can help. We are able to use the titanium implant as an artificial root to support your new teeth. Moreover, dental implants are very strong and we only need 4-6 per jaw to restore all your missing teeth.  Unlike dentures or even implant-supported dentures, the fixed hybrid with 6 dental implants is a permanent solution for failed teeth. The teeth fit and function like your natural teeth and are permanent. This is the new “gold standard” in full arch replacement.

Titanium dental implants attach to the bone cells in the jaw. This attachment is very strong and holds up to the stresses of chewing and jaw function over the long term. We are able to attach multi-unit abutments to the implants so they can connect to your permanent teeth.  Of note, most patients are candidates for immediate placement of teeth on the day of extractions.  This has been copyrighted as “ Teeth in a Day” ™ or “Same day Teeth” ™. It allows us to remove the bad teeth and place the fixed hybrid implants on the same day so you are never without permanent teeth or a denture.  After healing, a rigid titanium bar secures the teeth and makes them very durable over many years. Many different materials are available for the final fixed hybrid and these include acrylic, zirconium, copy mill, PEEK, porcelain, and EMAX crowns. Because of the long success of dental implants and the technological advances in dental materials we can offer new permanent teeth on the same day of surgery to most of our patients. 

Benefits of Hybrid Implant Dentures:

No time spent without teeth
Maintains chewing function, speech and facial shape
Immediate smile that is fixed and permanent

How can OSA Help?

The highly experienced doctors at Oral Surgery Associates perform full arch implant restorations regularly and are available to assist in regaining your new smile as soon as possible. Hybrid Implant Dental Surgery is a unique and streamlined experience. We pride ourselves on providing patients with a truly personalized solution that fits their needs and budget.

At the consultation, we can evaluate the teeth and bone and provide recommendations for implant reconstruction. We utilize state-of-the-art high-resolution CT scans of the jawbone at the consult. If you choose the Hybrid Implant Solution we will coordinate everything with your dentist, the lab, and even your insurance company so you can focus on being a patient.

If you are interested, please call to schedule a consultation to discuss permanent implant solutions for a full arch. Our goal is to build you a beautiful new smile at an affordable cost in a few easy steps.

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